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Get paid every day

Grow your money daily with compounding effect.

Simulate earnings

Starting amount
1000 £
1 years

Your earnings 51 £

Total wealth 1,051 £

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Activate your money

Earn high-yield interest thanks to DeFi

Daily interest payouts with compounding effect.

Add or withdraw funds anytime.

No minimum contribution. No fees.        

Experience more together

Save together. Spend together.

Share savings projects with your friends.

Set goals and save with up to 10 people.

Activate project & earn daily interest.

Pay for shared meals, car rentals and flights with your project.

Smartphone screen
Icon notification

Money pots - activated

Birthday or a new addition
to the family?

Icon notification

Collect money with ease using our app or through a dedicated online page.

Activate your pots and start earning daily interest on the money you’ve collected.

Spend directly using your akt. card or Apple & Google Pay.

Build generational wealth

Give your child a head start in life.

Build a wealth foundation for the future.

Teach invaluable financial skills & money habits.

Junior debit card.

Total parental control.

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