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Any asset. Any amount. Anytime.

Make instant asset exchanges and invest directly in a large selection of crypto, shares, commodities and global currencies thanks to the WealthHub, our proprietary asset exchange powered by intelligent algorithms.

A limitless

Exchange blue

For the first time ever there are no limits to how, when and with what asset you can invest. Want to exchange gold for crypto or shares for real estate? Anything becomes possible through our borderless marketplace.

The WealthHub is a true one-stop-shop for investing. A marketplace where we’ve cut out the middleman for you to gain direct access to any financial asset and be able to exchange them directly with any asset you own, creating the ultimate all-in-one investment experience.

No more jumping between platforms. No withdrawals. No transfers. No commissions.

Direct asset

Tesla shares

Through the WealthHub you can directly exchange any amount of any asset and for example, buy £2 worth of Tesla for £2 worth of gold or €3000 of Bitcoin for €3000 worth of real estate.

The WealthHub is powered by proprietary algorithms connected to a number of specialised technology partners offering fractional investing in a wide variety of financial assets. Thanks to this revolutionary technology the WealthHub is able to flawlessly execute instant exchanges between multiple asset classes and platforms, at the best rates on the market.

By connecting the WealthHub with the Wealth Card we also enable our users to instantly pay with any owned asset, with automated exchanges taking place between the assets you select for payment and the currency requested by the merchant.

Tesla shares

So now you never have to miss out on another great investment opportunity when you see the markets moving.

Just open up the WealthHub to buy or sell a piece of any asset you like..
with a tap on your phone.

Experience the future

Access the next generation of banking.

Pay directly with any currency, vault or asset.

EURO & GBP accounts with a dedicated IBAN.

Create an account in seconds.

Send & request money for free.

Buy gold with crypto or stock with real estate.

Spend with 130 global currencies.

Pay with Google & Apple pay.

Instant notifications.

Gamified bill-splitting.

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